Leahy-IFP is a fruit and beverage manufacturer based in Illinois, and recipient of Crain’s 46th Best Place to Work in Chicago 2019. As the parent company to 14+ food-service specialty house-brands, their needs span across a wide variety of projects. In addition to their products, they also own a manufacturing plant where they private label and co-pack for other brands. They have their own e-commerce website to sell their house-branded products to consumers, and have recently acquired the craft cocktail retail brand: Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixers.

The long and the short of it: there’s a lot going on! Prior to The Adventure Agency, our founder worked closely with Leahy for 7 years. So close, in fact, her photo was on their wall – and she never even worked there! So much has been completed for Leahy over the years that it was difficult to choose a few projects to highlight, so if you’re interested in more – reach out!

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Leahy is a 60 year old family-owned company. In 2014, they completely rebranded, including a full brand standards guide, all print and digital assets as well as a new website. Prior to rebranding, one of their biggest company-wide struggles was with brand consistency. They have since achieved their goal for consistency, utilizing their brand standards guide.

  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Internal Training Presentations
  • External Selling Decks
  • Packaging and Label Design
  • Brochure and Collateral
  • Product Spec Guide
  • Sell Sheets
  • Tradeshow Booth Design and Marketing
  • Unique Go-To-Market Strategy and Materials
  • Creative Presentation Mockups
  • Product Photography
  • Packaging Mockups
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The Adventure Agency | Branding and Print Collateral Design
The Adventure Agency | Portfolio
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Welcome to The World of Leahy! Comprised of two-6.5′ x 16′ panels, this digital mural takes the viewer from orchard to table, following the process of Leahy-IFP fruit and beverages. Starting on the left, orchards were created using the original logo of Leahy-IFP’s first and revolutionary canned fruit brand. As you pan right, you’ll see details of manufacturing plants, tanker trucks and holding tanks – all relevant to Leahy’s manufacturing process. In the center of the left panel is the city of Chicago (Leahy is located in Glenview, IL) created using only Leahy-IFP packaging formats. In the background, you’ll see the city of Boston – a node to Leahy’s partnership with Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail, a Boston company. Finally, on the left panel there are mountains scattered around, representing Leahy’s manufacturing plant located in Minden, NV.

The right panel is filled with various applications where Leahy’s fruit and beverage products are used. This includes food service partners, like restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee and bakeries, etc. In addition to food serivce, there’s a hospital and senior care facility to represent their healthcare products, a grocery store representing their e-commerce platform, and summer camp with waffle house to represent their maple syrup products.

The Adventure Agency | Branding and Print Collateral Design
The Adventure Agency | Branding and Print Collateral Design
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*project completed prior to joining The Adventure Agency